About me

                                                                                                         I belong to a town where no one would even think of writing a travelling blog but the heart knows what it wants.Even after being in an IT firm, I could never make myself complete without travelling.Since my childhood I day dreamt if I could step into every place of the world, if i could see the variant inhabitants, culture and diversity of rural and urban areas.After indulging into a pink collar job its quite tough to ponder upon your dreams and make them happen. This is the time I couldn’t resist from writing a blog. I am more of a mountain person.Alpine mountains refreshes my soul from within. Viewing neon blue sky threaded with silver releases all the stress and makes me feel complete. Looking at the beauty of nature makes me realise, this is what I was in need of.This blog will help all the people out there who still are in search of their inner peace. Right from heaven touching mountains following the towers of the forest down to the the snoozy seas , it will cover all the beauty aspects of nature.’The Everywhereist’ strengthens the faith to travel corners of the world without heavying your pockets.Its main motive is to empower your soul with that little hope of travelling and purifying it with fearless mind and heart. So, come let’s begin this journey together with ‘The Everywhereist’.